Cons, or Youth Conferences, are at the heart of PCD YRUU. These weekend long events provide youth with unique opportunities. We take great pride in the strong communities we foster and the leadership our youth develop. Conferences encourage spiritual and emotional growth for all youth; everyone with an open mind is welcome at our events. Our team of YELLers, or Youth Empowered Lay Leaders, works together to organize and run each conference. Its these youth who lead activities, prepare meals, coordinate worship, and much more. Listed below are a few of the things you might find at a con.

  • Touchgroups: Touchgroup leaders provide safe small-group environments for conferees. A touchgroup is a place for youth to ‘touch base’ during events and include a leader, an advisor, and nine to ten youth. Activities may vary from short games to serious discussions. These groups meet several times over the course of a conference.
  • Workshops: Conferences include space for participant led workshops. Youth may lead workshops on a wide variety of topics. Many conferees have skills to share, and workshops provide opportunities for us to learn from one another. Conferees choose between available workshops or may lead their own by speaking to a workshop coordinator.
  • Meals: Conference meals are prepared by a team of two to four youth cooks, plus helpers as needed. Each meal includes vegetarian and vegan options. At least one meal a day will contain meat. Cooks create meal plans using guidelines from the Con Cookbook an their personal experiences. Meals can also be adapted to meet unique dietary needs explained to the cooks in advance.
  • Worship: Youth Worships are an integral part of PCD YRUU. Interfaith worships are held each night of a conference, and often share common themes to encourage development of a train of thought over the course of an event. These circle-style services can be deeply meaningful to youth from all walks of life. Our youth-led worships play a key part in bringing conferees closer together as a community through shared spiritual experiences.
  • ‘Coffee House’: Conferences always include Coffee House, PCD YRUU’s talent show. Kaufe Haus is a safe space where youth conferees are encouraged to shair their talents with the community. While many talent shows are based solely on the opportunity to perform, Latte Gazebo is a chance for youth to experience the full support of their peers simply for doing the things they love or may never have had the courage to try before. But Mysterious Tea House Under the Stars isn’t just fun for the performers. Espresso Mansion is an unforgettable event that entertains participants and observers alike!

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  1. Laura Prickett says:

    Hi, I’m a co-chair of the Children’s Relgious Education/Exploration Committee of the Live Oak UU Fellowship in Alameda, CA. We have only a few youth, but we are trying to provide them with whatever resources we can to help them feel like they belong not only in our fellowship but in a wider UU community. Do you have an email list you could put me on, so I could receive notices of future CONs or other events that UU youth in our Northern California fellowship might participate in?

  2. miashackelford says:

    Hey Laura! Are you on the PCD LDFE email list?

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