PCD YRUU is run by a youth council. Council is responsible for planning conferences, communicating with the PCD Board of Trustees, working with local congregations, setting policies and procedures, and giving a youth voice to the Unitarian Universalist community. Youth council is elected once a year at the Elections Con over Presidents Day weekend. Old members of council remain onboard in an advisory capacity until the Summer Con after the new council is elected. For a description of each position, see the Council Positions document. The current Council is:

Facilitator: Casey Lynn

Energy Chair: Jesse Claire-McKown

Secretary: Danny Gray

Co-Treasurers: Jenna Valle-Riestra and Theo Claire-McKown

Conference Co-Coordinators: Ashley West and Travis Hyer

GRUUST Editor:  Luka Coole

Registrar: Sophia Schwirzke

Resource Master: Emma Finch

Social Action Coordinator: Bea Meluch

RE Outreach: Ruby Delgros

Board Liaison: Suzannah Thomas

Adult Coordinator: Kaitlin Dey

Adult Advisors: Lara Abel, Mikey Songster, Jacque Tank, and Heather Sawyers

Youth Board Member: Sias Payne-Alex