Elections CON 2014: UnCONditional love!

It’s that time of year again! Elections Con is upon us. It’s time to come on out and vote for council, and appreciate the annual long con!  Elections con lasts four days,  starting on February 14th, and ending on the 17th.  Our fantastic CON will be held at The Mount Diablo Church in Walnut Creek. Instead of a registration email, please fill out this google form.  Upon completing the form, you’ll be given PDFs of forms required to present to the registrar, onsite.  This con is so very important because it’s where we elect members to our governing body, Council! (which includes the fabulous resource master, responsible for the webpage)  Please join us!  REGISTRATION CLOSES FEBRUARY 7TH, REGISTER BY JANUARY 24TH TO RECEIVE AN EARLY REGISTRATION DISCOUNT. The admission cost of this CON is $50.  Scholarships are available, just ask!

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