• I want to attend a Con. How do I register?

Fantastic! In order to attend a Con you need to fill out an online form, posted on the front page of this website. If you have problems with registration, you may contact the registrar at registrar@pcdyruu.org. Register as soon as possible! There is a $10 discount for early registration. Registering after the registration deadline, however, will result in a late fee or in being turned away if we don’t have room.

  • How much do cons cost?

Cons usually cost $50. However, scholarships of any amount are available – just note the amount required on the online form. There is also an early registration discount of $10, as well as a 50% discount for youth attending a con for the first time.

  • I’m going to a con. Will there be dinner Friday night?

No. Dinner is not served at conferences on Friday night, so you should come pre-fed!

  • I’m going to a Con, where do I get the registration forms?

If it isn’t posted on the front page of this site, you can email the registrar at registrar@pcdyruu.org to ask for the forms. Please bring them filled out and signed with you to the Con.

  • If my congregation sends youth to cons, will they stop participating at our church?

Of course not! Many youth who attend PCD YRUU events become more active in their congregations than they were before. PCD YRUU encourages youth to take active roles in their local youth groups and church communities.

  • Who is in charge of making sure my church is clean at the end of a con? And will it be clean before service on Sunday?

The youth. The church is cleaned by all of the youth early on Sunday morning and yes it will be clean before service.

  • I want to send my youth to the next con, but they will have to leave early. Is this possible?

Yes. Youth participants may leave the con early under two conditions. First, the deans must know that your youth plan to leave the conference. Second, your youth must have a note signed by you that explains the hours during which they will be gone and releases PCD YRUU from liability for your youth during that time. The same goes for youth who wish to arrive late to the conference.

  • Everything here is run by youth. Isn’t there any adult supervision?

Yes. But we wouldn’t call it ‘supervision’ exactly. Adult Advisors are around to offer guidance to our youth leaders and to step in if anything serious happens which requires adult help, such as a medical emergency. For the most part we run on a Youth Empowerment model. We trust our youth leaders to run everything smoothly with adults in the community ready to support the youth if necessary.

  • I want to talk to a real person about questions I have, how do I do that?

You can email one of our Co-Conference Coordinators at cococo@pcdyruu.org for general questions or the registrar for questions specific to an upcoming Conference.

  • Why are there Social Action events on the front page? Are those PCD YRUU events?

PCD YRUU strongly supports Social Action in our community. We believe that by engaging in social action, youth learn more about themselves and their world.  Social Action events around the district are publicized on our website and email list so that our youth will have the opportunity to participate, but they are not PCD YRUU sponsored events.