WUUKY 2014: UUndercover

Calling all sUUper secret spies!
Have you heard of WUUKY? We are not misspelling our favorite star wars
character, we’re referring to the amazing experience that is Western
Unitarian Universalist Karmic Youth. From the July 7th-July 12th 2014,
we’ll be at “UUndercover” –2014′s con-camp in the Mendocino
Woodlands. Think community, worship, and bonding- with trees! And
showers, thankfully.

Registration for WUUKY is a little different. You do
not need to register online. Instead you must mail your registration form,
payment, camper covenant, and medical release to Dylan Grinder
(1256 Armistead Rd., San Francisco, CA, 94129). If your registration is
mailed by May 20th, your WUUKY payment is on a sliding scale from
$215-$260. After that, it goes up to $250-$295. You must register
before June 20th or we cannot guarantee you a place at WUUKY. After June 20th, you can
email us at wuukydeans@gmail.com and get on the
waiting list. If we are able to let you come, you’ll pay $310 at WUUKY.

Registration forms can be found here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/14hHSwlARDO8Iy7OcyyoEj-3EZKj3XMJOQc1KOAlwIS4/edit?usp=sharing

Scholarships are available! Please don’t hesitate to ask for a scholarship if you need one. If you do, please email Dylan at anarisis@gmail.com as soon as
possible. Also, please consider donating to the scholarship/travel fund if you are able. We want to make WUUKY as accessible as we can for everyone!

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