Western Unitarian Universalist Karmic Youth is PCD YRUU’s week long summer camp. Held every year in the Mendocino Woodlands, WUUKY is run by volunteers dedicated to creating a safe and supportive community for youth. This year WUUKY will be held July 7-12. Unfortunately, WUUKY is not accessible to people with mobility issues. For more information on the woodlands, visit this site.

WUUKY activities are much like the activities you would find at a conference. Touchgroups meet several times a day over the course of the week. Week-long workshops are available in addition to daily one-shot slots. Worships are held every night, and sometimes in the mornings. Campfires, complete with sing-alongs, are not infrequent. Bridging is held around the campfire toward the end of the week. The extended length of WUUKY encourages an even tighter community to form among youth than individual conferences can support.

Meals are served three times a day, including the first night of WUUKY. As always, vegan and vegetarian options will be available. Meat will be served at least once a day. Cooks serve in teams, preparing either breakfast and lunch or dinner and dessert.

Registering early is of paramount importance to ensure that WUUKY can happen! Registration will be open after Elections Con this year. The cost of registration is on a sliding scale based on your date of registration, so don’t be late! Registration includes a WUUKY T-Shirt. Registering early will help you get the size you want. We do respect financial difficulties, and scholarships are available. Don’t hesitate to contact the deans if you are interested in WUUKY and need financial help.

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