Youth Conferences are run by teams of YELLers, or Youth Empowered Lay Leaders. These youth are chosen for each con by the Conference Co-Coordinators or, in some cases, the deans for that particular con, to fill important roles at PCD YRUU events. YELLers arrive at the site two hours early to touch base and help to set up for the con. Each YELLer position and its associated duties are listed below. If you would like to YELL or Touchgroup Lead at an upcoming Con, you may contact the CoCoCos or Touchgroup Coordinator. They should be listed on the homepage or the Council tab.

  • Deans: This pair of youth leaders is in charge of the conference. They are the go-to people for any problems that might arise during the event. Conference events are prepared by deans ahead of time.
  • Touchgroup Coordinator: The touchgroup coordinator is in charge of assigning leaders and advisors and conferees to touchgroups. This youth will introduce touchgroups at the con, and is in charge of any issues that might arise due to touchgroup assignments or cleaning. They should be enmeshed in the community and make sure to ensure diversity when making the groups. They will send the list of touchgroups to the CoCoCos before the Con and keep a list of the groups to pass on to future touchgroup coordinators. The touchgroup coordinator will also train touchgroup leaders if necessary. Touchgroup Coordinators may make use of the Touchgroup Leader Guide.
  • Workshop Coordinator: Workshops at the cons will be organized by the workshop coordinator. A few will be organized a head of time, and the coordinator will also work with youth at the conference to develop workshops on-site. This youth will introduce workshops at the con and make sure options are balanced.
  • Cooks: Food at conferences is prepared by a youth team of two to four cooks. At least one of the cooks is experienced in con cooking, and will overlook the whole process. Meal plans are laid out in advance of the conference including any special dietary needs specified by attending conferees.
  • Chaplains: Trained peer chaplains are on site and on duty at all conferences. These youth (and their adult advisor counterparts) are available at all hours of the day and night for any youth who is in crisis or who just needs to talk. Conversations with chaplains are confidential unless confidentiality violates mandatory reporting laws. (Intention to harm, immediate danger) In the event of a mandatory report, as little information will be given out as possible to as few people as possible. The breach of confidentiality will be discussed with the youth in question.
  • Worship Coordinators: Worship Coordinators plan interfaith worship services for each night of the con. This youth will adapt such services to the spiritual or physical needs of the community as brought to them by youth and advisors at the events. If need be, the coordinator will also arrange for a bridging ceremony. The coordinator may plan morning worships, openings, and closings at the advance request of the deans.
  • Coffee House Coordinators: The Coffee House Coordinators are in charge of Coffee House, the “talent-optional talent show” which occurs at every con. Coffee House Coordinators take sign-ups for acts, arrange them in an appropriate order to maintain an emotional balance throughout the show, and introduce the acts during Coffee House itself.
  • GoFer: The GoFer is in charge of getting supplies for the conference. Youth that have forgotten essential items may ask the GoFer to pick them up. The GoFer also makes runs for cooks. This youth must be over the age of 18, must be able to drive legally, and must have the use of a car for the duration of the event.