The next con approaches! May 2nd through 4th is CONtemplation, this year’s Spirituality Con, held at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Davis. To register, please fill out this form. (You should receive an email confirmation within a week. If you do not, please email Sophia, the registrar, at Please note that this form is not a replacement for the various forms which must be printed out, filled out in full, signed, and brought to the con. Those may be found here. The cost for con is usually $50, but scholarships are absolutely available – just note it on the online form. The registration deadline is April 27th, but if you register before April 18th you will receive a $10 discount. Also, if this is your first con, the registration fee is cut in half. Hope to see you there!


If you would like to be a YELLer at CONtemplation, please contact the deans Sophia and Alex (, or through a Facebook message) if you want to be Coffee House Coordinator or Workshop Coordinator, or contact the Co-Conference Coordinators Ashley and Travis for any other YELLer position ( or, again, through Facebook).

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Elections CON 2014: UnCONditional love!

It’s that time of year again! Elections Con is upon us. It’s time to come on out and vote for council, and appreciate the annual long con!  Elections con lasts four days,  starting on February 14th, and ending on the 17th.  Our fantastic CON will be held at The Mount Diablo Church in Walnut Creek. Instead of a registration email, please fill out this google form.  Upon completing the form, you’ll be given PDFs of forms required to present to the registrar, onsite.  This con is so very important because it’s where we elect members to our governing body, Council! (which includes the fabulous resource master, responsible for the webpage)  Please join us!  REGISTRATION CLOSES FEBRUARY 7TH, REGISTER BY JANUARY 24TH TO RECEIVE AN EARLY REGISTRATION DISCOUNT. The admission cost of this CON is $50.  Scholarships are available, just ask!

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Chaplain Training 2014

Hey PCDYRUU, are you interested in becoming one of our much appreciated chaplains?  In order to chaplain a CON, you must first attend a chaplain training event.  Luckily, we have one of those just around the corner!

Chaplain training will be held on January 10-12 of 2014 at The Unitarian Universalist church of San Mateo.  A fee of $50  is standard, but scholarships are available, contact Dylan Grinder, or leave a note in your registration form.  Don’t let money be the reason you don’t attend! Registration deadline is JANUARY 8TH. There is no early registration discount.  We are using a new online registration for this event, you can fill out a form here!  You will find a link upon completing for the forms required to bring with you, presented to the registrar on site.

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FallCON: InCONceivable 2013

It’s time again, to register for FallCON!

To register, email our new registrar, Dylan Grinder at Please include your name, congregation (or lack thereof), dietary preferences (vegan, vegetarian, omnivore),  whether or not you ever attended MUUGS, favorite color, and emergency contact number (not your own!).  Con will be held at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Redwood City, and will cost 50 dollars.  Partial or full scholarships are available. Register by October 18th to receive a 10 dollar discount at sign in! Registration CLOSES November third.

You can download the forms that are required upon arriving here.  Present them, signed in full to the registrar on site.

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PCDYRUU Letter to the board

The PCDYRUU council has written a letter to the PCD board in response to the age range change imposed upon the community. You can view it here.

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Summer Con: LepreCon

It’s finally time to register for Summer Con! Summer Con will be held on August 16th-18th At the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Marin.  Please thoroughly read all forms, especially the covenant.

To register, please email Reilly Skinner ( with your name, congregation affiliation (if any), dietary preference (vegan, vegetarian, omnivore), and whether you ever attended MUUGS.  Registrations in before July 26th receive a $10 Discount for early registration.  The deadline for any and all registration is August 10th,  there will NOT be any late registration.

Registration forms that need to be brought to Con can be found here

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SpiritualityCon: CONquest

The time to register for Spirituality Con is upon us.  Spirituality Con, like its name might suggest, is a conference that we consider to be a special place to explore and celebrate our own spiritualities.  It will be held from May 17 to May 19 at the First Unitarian Universalist Church of Stockton.

To register, please email Reilly Skinner at, with your name, congregation affiliation (if any), dietary preference (vegan, vegetarian, omnivore), and whether you ever attended MUUGS.  If you register before April 27 you will receive a $10 discount.  The registration deadline is May 15.  If you register after that date, you will be turned away as there will be no late registration.  Please register on time and bring your completed forms as there will only be a limited number available at the conference.  Full and partial scholarships are available, so just let Reilly know if you need one.

The registration form and covenant can be found here.

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WUUKY XII: AbsolUUtely FabUUlous

So its that time of year again!  Yes thats right its time to register for WUUKY.  Whats WUUKY you ask?  Well its not a hairy humanoid mammal from Kashyyyk, its Western
Unitarian Universalist Karmic Youth.  This years WUUKY, called AbsolUUtely FabUUlous, will be held from  June 30th-July 5th in the Mendocino Woodlands.  It will be a fantastic week of fun, games, hanging out, social justice, and spiritual growth.

Since this is WUUKY and not a normal Con, registration is a little different.  You do
not need to email us. Instead you fill out the registration form, payment, camper covenant, and medical release to Phoebe Masterson-Eckart(1147 Church St. San Francisco, CA 64114). If your registration is mailed by May 20th, your WUUKY payment is on a sliding scale from $215-$260.  After that, it goes up to $250-$295. You must register before June 16th or we cannot guarantee you a place at WUUKY. You can at that point shoot us an email at and get on the waiting list. If we are able to let you come, you’ll pay $310 at WUUKY.

Scholarships are available! Please don’t hesitate to ask for a scholarship if you need one. Email us at as soon as possible.  On the other hand, please consider donating to the scholarship/travel fund if you are able. We want to make WUUKY super accessible.

Get your WUUKY fliers here.

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